Jeanne Liedtka



Thinking by Design: Innovation is Everyone’s Job

Jeanne Liedtka discussed the pivotal function of innovation in today’s world of accelerating uncertainty and increasing complexity. She laid out a four-step model for design thinking that emphasizes the core values of empathy, invention, and iteration, guiding entrepreneurs to see the true challenges of the world and tackle them creatively while minimizing risk. 

The Design Thinking Tool Kit

Jeanne Liedtka addressed the Annual Meeting of the CFA Institute, a professional association that certifies the competence and integrity of financial analysts worldwide. Her talk, The Design Thinking Tool Kit: Strategies for Successfully Leading Growth and Innovation at Your Firm, focused on helping these financial professionals learn more about howthe power of innovation and how to leverage the design thinking approach in their businesses, to meet the significant challenges facing the financial services industry.

Designing Cultures to Disrupt

When Jeanne Liedtka, Professor at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, spoke to audiences at this year's Better by Design CEO Summit, she posed the question, "How do we create in our employees, an entire organisation full of minds that are prepared to see and act on opportunity?"

The Connection Between Design & Growth, & How to Exploit Design's Potential